Application Notes and Publications

Application Notes and Publications

Medical Applications

Fiber Optics in Cancer Diagnostics

Fiber Optic FTIR for Biomedical Diagnostics

Spectral analysis of microscopic samples like textile fibers, varnish splinters, glass particles, details on bank notes and documents in transmitted or reflected light, bright field or dark field illumination, fluorescence and polarisation

Fiber Optic Cancer Diagnostics

Documents and Inks Analysis PDF

Fiber Analysis PDF

Paint Analysis PDF

Currency Analysis PDF

Materials Science

Geology and petrography (vitrinite reflectance, maceral analysis), colour measurements on foils, LEDs and TFT displays, end point detection with plasma etching on wafers, fluorescences, rapid kinetics, synthesis of nano particles and much more.


Routine analyses in the food industry, chemical industry (solvents, dyes), moisture and lignin analysis in wood, analysis of historical works or art and antiquities, monitoring of wound healing processes in clinical laboratories.

Industrial / Process Control
Blend monitoring, cleaning validation and monitoring of drying processes in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, highspeed and high-temperature HPLC, beverage analysis in food industry.