MOD IR Fiber Optic Infrared Light Source 

MOD IR Fiber Coupled Mid Infrared Light Source

The MODIR is designed to fill the need of light sources for infrared fiber based spectroscopy. The MODIR accomplishes this by a unique optical and thermal design that couples light energy from a silicone Nitride emitter glowing at 1500 °Kelvin.
This light source offers many unique features and an ergonomic design. For systems that require optical modulation, an integrated optical shutter can be modulated at frequencies of up to 200hz. The shutter can be driven externally through a 15 pin digital interface. If no external drive is available, the shutter can be driven internally by an integrated adjustable square wave generator. The frequency can be continually adjusted through the control knob on the front panel from .5hz to 200hz.. The digital output for this signal can be taken from the same 15 pin interface and used to synchronize other devices.

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